The Lookup Question Type Saves Time, Hassle

Have you ever taken a survey or completed a web form where you have a drop-down table with a r-e-a-l-l-y long list and you have to scroll endlessly to find the correct answer without any way to filter or search?

Yeah, we have too. They’re crazy-making and even more importantly, cause their share of survey dropouts!

Introducing the new, autocomplete-enabled lookup table question type!

QuestionPro's New Lookup Table

One of the most useful features of this new question type is the autocomplete feature – once the respondent begins typing, the list will filter out answers that don’t match the text.

Imagine being able to type in the first few letters of a car model and select from choices that closely match the criteria. This would also work well for a long part number, an answer the respondent wasn’t sure how to spell such as the name of their government representative, etc. —  the options are just about limitless.

But what if they don’t find what they’re looking for in the drop-down list? No problem – it also allows for free-form answers.

Benefits of the lookup question:

  • Faster data entry, easier for survey takers
  • Suggests answers but accepts open responses
  • Great alternative to forced drop-down choices

If you’d like additional information, here’s the help file.

I'm a die-hard digital marketer, and I bleed QuestionPro blue. What more can I say?

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