7 Ways to Take the Hard Labor Out of Your Online Surveys

Since it’s Labor Day today, I thought I’d share some of my favorite labor-saving tips on QuestionPro.  Some of these will be a review of tips we’ve given in the past, while others may be new to you.  So as not to overtax your reading on this Labor Day – let’s get right to it:thumbs up

  1. Customized Themes:  I know a lot of you marketing types had some latent resentment over the fact that you either had to save money and pick an existing theme that worked with the lame banner graphic that you had — or you had to hire a developer or your nephew who could write HTML code in order to customize your survey themes.  Now you can have it all!  Upload your banner graphic in any color – then choose survey and report themes to match.  Easy Peasy – no nephews involved.
  2. Inline Editing questions:  This is another very cool feature that allows you to edit your questions — inline.  So simply click on the question — no more windows or distractions, just edit your question on the fly.
  3. Multi-Lingual survey upload:  If you are doing multi-lingual surveys this is a feature you will love – because you simply download our nifty template, and upload the translation — HUGE time, labor and money saver.
  4. Take your surveys viral:  Yes, you can still email to an uploaded list AND you can also distribute your surveys via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter AND you can also distribute via QR codes.  Lots and lots of amazing options that will help you make better decisions and get more responses.
  5. Real time reports:  This is such an awesome work-saving feature.  When clients ask you for updates or weekly summaries, just click on this link and send it on over.  They will be able to see charts AND open-ended text. Gotta love that.
  6. Offline surveys:  The only thing better than online surveys is — OFFLINE surveys.  Use the SurveyPocket app to ditch those trade show data collection tools in favor of your very own lead capture system — on QuestionPro.  Send your sales reps and marketing folks out into the field with a pre-programmed survey on SurveyPocket and start collecting great customer information.
  7. Have fun with polls:  Polls are fun and a great way to engage your audience.  Why use another polling tool and separate your data?  Keep all your data together on QuestionPro AND use the new polling feature to engage your customers, audience or list.  Because poll results are immediate – it allows your community to get to know each other better.

So there you have it — let me know if any of these features were “new to you” or — do you have a list of favorite features — tell us in the comments — what’s your favorite feature and why do you like it ?

Ivana Taylor is the publisher of DIYMarketers and the President of Third Force, a strategic marketing firm. She's the marketing expert and book editor for Small Business Trends and a frequent contributor to AMEX Open Forum.

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5 comments on “7 Ways to Take the Hard Labor Out of Your Online Surveys
  1. Satrap says:

    Great Points you make Ivana. As an online small business owner I have been using online surveys on a few of my sites to gather feedback and I can attest to the huge change number one on your list makes in terms of results. I started split testing by using two completely different themes for my surveys and the better and modern looking one got much better response rate as well as more detailed answer on questions that required explanation rather than ticking off boxes.

  2. Ivana Taylor says:

    Hey Strap! WOW – you sound like a pro at this! I would love to hear more about how you split test your surveys.

  3. Janie Jordon says:

    Nice points Ivana and thanks for that. I think online marketing through surveying and through online research is a best process to getting better and accurate results. Some of companies like strap providing such processes freely or in just few dollars. Small business owners should try these steps; they can easily create their survey and questionnaire with choosing great themes. Such website also provides to publish them online. I am also using one of them and happy with them. That’s Surveygoo, they provide me full access to create my own questionnaire and publish it on web. Through that survey questionnaire, I got amazing results about my client or customers choices and their demand. They give me a proper managed report for that survey with detailed specification.

  4. […] 7 Ways to Take the Hard Labor Out of Surveys […]

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