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3 Reasons You Should Get Embed With Us

Yes!  You can embed surveys with QuestionPro! This isn’t a new feature exactly, but it’s a feature that many of you either haven’t used or didn’t know about — so we wanted to share it with you again — in

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Super Time Saver — The Inline Edit Feature – New from QuestionPro

I’m not sure if you noticed this yet — but QuestionPro has made editing online surveys even easier — they’ve added this “inline editing feature”. This is one of those feature you may have discovered accidentally, but today, I’m going

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New and Improved QuestionPro App Makes You Better, Stronger and Faster

QuestionPro Data Visualization App

Before we get started, check out this Dilbert strip on data visualization and dashboards. Who doesn’t love Dilbert?!? Don’t answer that…   One of the reasons Dilbert resonates with so many of us is that we’ve all been in this

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How to Put a Thousand People in Your Pocket

Have you ever seen that show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”  The premise is easy; answer a series of increasingly difficult questions and get a million dollars.  Along the way they give you “lifelines.”  One of the lifelines is

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Press Release: The QuestionPro App Now Available on the App Store!

As featured Yesterday in this blog post, QuestionPro is pleased to release The QuestionPro App, available now on the Apple App Store for iOS devices. The QuestionPro App is the first truly interactive data visualization app for driving business intelligence

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Be a Data Visualization Badass at Your Next Meeting

At the risk of really showing my age, I’m going to say that you have no idea what it was like sitting in meetings twenty five years ago — hours and hours of flipping through pages and overhead projector presentations

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